State of Pet Health 2015 Report

At Banfield Pet Hospital, we believe regular preventive care is essential for pet health. That’s why we offer unlimited office visits with our Optimum Wellness Plans and encourage our clients to bring their pets to the veterinarian at least two times per year.

The veterinary industry as a whole has made preventive pet care a priority as well—this is evidenced by the AVMA’s Partners for Healthy Pets Initiative, which aims to educate consumers as well as veterinary teams about the importance of regular visits to the veterinarian.

Although our profession is making great strides in prioritizing preventive pet health care, we still have a long way to go to ensure that all pets are getting the care they deserve. That’s why this year’s State of Pet Health Report focuses on the differences between how veterinarians and pet owners perceive preventive care and what that means for pet health. We hope the findings—as seen below in an infographic format—are helpful as we continue to evolve and partner with pet owners to ensure that pets live healthy, happy lives.

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State of Pet Health 2015 Report Collage