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Virginia Beach

3413 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA  23452

(757) 340-8002

Hospital Number: 0670

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  • Description
    In Virginia Beach, you can always turn to Banfield Pet Hospital for quality pet health care. Our caring veterinarians provide high quality, compassionate pet care to your beloved friend. You want your pet to be treated like a member of the family and at Banfield Pet Hospital in Virginia Beach, we live up to that. Stop by today to meet your new partner in pet health care at Banfield!
    Located near I-264 and the Princess Anne Plaza Shopping Center, the Banfield Pet Hospital in Virginia Beach, VA is open 7 days a week to provide for your pet care needs. Featuring a variety of pet health services, including dentistry and routine care, this hospital is ready to help you with your pet health challenges.
    You can also learn more about pet health by visiting the pet health library on our side. Each pet health article is packed full of insightful tips and advice from the expert Banfield team. You'll learn about taking proper care of your pet at home to help them live a happy, healthy life.
    In addition to our pet health care services, Banfield offers Optimum Wellness Plans® for your pet. Learn the details of how these plans help your pet stay healthy throughout every lifestage today. You can also sign up to receive exclusive information and tips, as well as the ability to register for appointments online, by registering with us today. It's free and easy to sign up - so get started today!
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  • Services

    Services Offered at this Location

    • Vaccinations
    • Comprehensive Exams
    • Parasite Control
    • General Dentistry
    • General Surgery
    • Skin Care
    • Geriatrics & Pediatrics
    • Spays & Neuters
    • Drop Off Services
    • Giardia Testing
    • Microchipping
    • Digital Radiography
    • In-House Laboratory Diagnostics
    • In-House & Online Pharmacy
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Behavior Consultation
    • Personalized Client Web Portal and Mobile App
    • Urgent Care (availability may vary; please call)
    • Optimum Wellness Plans®
    • Canine Genetic Analysis™
    • Care Credit
  • Team

    Dr. Kite

    Chief of Staff

    Dr. Kite has worked for Banfield Pet Hospital in the Hampton Roads area since 2010. He became the Chief of Staff at Banfield Pet Hospital of Chesapeake in March 2012, and transferred in the same role to Banfield Pet Hospital of Virginia Beach in 2015. He is a 2007 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and a 2003 graduate from Virginia Tech in Animal & Poultry Science. He worked in equine medicine for three years, and has been exclusively practicing small animal medicine since 2010. His personal pets include two Domestic Short Hair antisocial kitties named Nermal and Gilbert, and two English Springer Spaniels named Toby and Parker. Dr. Kite loves meeting new clients and seeing their pets throughout their lives. On his days off, you'll find him being worn out from his son, Preston, and looking forward to nap time from 1-3pm daily. More Details >>

    Dr. Romano


    Dr. Romano is a graduate of Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Her personal pets are Mikage and Ryouta. Mikage is her second orange cat, and his name means Honorable Shadow. Ryouta came to her during her ER service with a fractured pelvis, and she couldn't help but take him home. His name means Good Foundation or Resilience. Feel free to ask her to show off their pictures on her phone! She has no favorite area of veterinary medicine but loves the field as a whole. She enjoys every case, although her favorite pets are the cats. In her free time, she does a lot of reading and writing, and enjoys Japanese manga. She's also an avid gamer and is very attached to her PS3. More Details >>

    Dr. Devine


    Dr. Devine has worked for Banfield Pet Hospital in the Hampton Roads area since 2011. She started as an Associate Veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital of Norfolk and transferred to Banfield Pet Hospital of Virginia Beach in 2015. She is a 2011 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and a 2007 graduate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Dr. Devine has worked exclusively in small animal medicine since graduating, but she has enjoyed a variety of experiences in veterinary medicine ranging from equine to zoo medicine. She has two rather rambunctious Collies, Gannon and Penny, and a spoiled Siamese mixed cat, Izzie. Dr. Devine shares several horses with her family and two clever goats, as well. She loves working with clients to keep their pets happy and healthy. In her free time, she reads, spends time with her pets and catches up on work in the garden. More Details >>

    Dr. Williams


    Dr. Sandy Williams III started his relationship with Banfield Pet Hospital of Virginia Beach in 2003. After working at several other Banfield locations, Dr. Williams returned "home" in 2015! Dr. Williams is a 1987 graduate of Tuskegee University and has worked exclusively in small-animal medicine ever since. He owns a personal zoo, consisting of a senior Chihuahua, Alex; the princess-of-the-house Cane Corso, Sophia; a Kliban cat lookalike, Lea; the inquisitive Russian Blue, Lola; an aptly named kitty, Monster; the amazing rabbit, Sadie and the beautiful cornsnake, Monta. Dr. Williams' favorite cases are dermatology, internal medicine and surgery, although his true passion grows from the relationships formed with clients and their families. Dr. Williams has a wonderful wife, Karen, who shares their empty nest. He is an amateur photographer, a horrible golfer and most importantly, a father of three amazing children. More Details >>

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