Allergies are always in season

Pets react to many of the same allergens as people, both seasonally and year-round.

Over the past 10 years, Banfield has seen an increase in environmental allergy cases.

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Allergens that impact pets most

Common allergies vary for pets by region and climate, but keep in mind that many allergens that affect pets year-round can also be found in your house.

Dust and Storage Mites







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Your pet's DNA matters

Research by Mars’ Wisdom Health division confirms there is likely a genetic link predisposing some dogs to environmental allergies. Additional research is ongoing to identify the exact genetic causes of these allergies, so more effective diagnostic and treatment tools can be developed.

Some commonly affected breeds include:

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever

West Highland White Terrier

German Shepherd

Cocker Spaniel


French Bulldog

Meet Daisy

She’s a one-year-old golden retriever, one of the breeds commonly reported to have an environmental allergy. Read on to find out how her owner, Luke, worked with his veterinarian to diagnose and treat her skin condition.

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What we learned from Daisy's case

Daisy’s story shows us identifying environmental allergies can be complicated, and allergies require long-term management. Work with your veterinarian to reduce the risk of more severe skin problems, and find the best course of action for managing your pet’s allergies.

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There's more to your pet's skin than allergies

Visit Skin Care Central, our online guide to the signs, causes, and treatments for various skin conditions.

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