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Many varieties of plants and flowers can be poisonous to your cat. Cats are attracted to them; they seem to like the feel of certain plants, especially those that are grass-like in appearance.
Did you know many common plants and flowers have the potential to be toxic to your cat? Although some varieties can cause relatively minor reactions, many plants can cause death if your cat ingests a significant quantity.
Many people love the flavors of garlic and onion to spice up their food, but giving garlic and onion to your pet can cause dog and cat health problems. In severe cases, it could even kill your pet.
When preparing your garden for spring blossoms this year, keep in mind that gardens can pose a number of poisoning hazards for your pets. Pet Poison Helpline offers the following advice on what to keep away from your pets.
Fall is the time when people tend to clean up their yards. Keep in mind that there are many potential hazards out there for your dog. First and foremost, store your lawn and garden products in a place that your dog cannot get into. In addition, as you are applying certain products, confine your dog in a safe area. If your dog is exposed to anything, you should contact your veterinarian with the suspected product information as soon as possible.
Kittens are curious little devils that love to explore, but there are plenty of hazards in your living environment that can harm them. In this article, we discuss tips for kitten-proofing your home.
The summer season brings gardeners, beach-combers, hikers, and picnickers outside to play. With that, however, comes summer toxins that are poisonous to your pets! Pet Poison Helpline provides advice on how to avoid toxins that commonly occur during summer.
Catnip is the common name for a perennial herb of the mint family. The active ingredient in catnip is called nepetalactone which can trigger strange behaviors in cats. Cats don’t actually eat catnip and respond to its taste, but rather, are reacting to the smell. It can be either in a dry or fresh form.