Optimum Wellness Plans® FAQ

What is an Optimum Wellness plan?

Q. What is an Optimum Wellness Plan®?

Optimum Wellness Plans are customized packages of pet care services. Designed to provide annual preventive care to help keep pets healthy, wellness plans include: nose-to-tail exams, vaccines, early screening diagnostics, parasite control and prevention, professional dental care, 24/7 access to Vet Chat™ on-demand support on the Banfield app and more. Since wellness plans are not insurance, they do not include treatment for unpredictable or abnormal conditions; however, discounts would apply. Because pets need ongoing preventive care, wellness plans automatically renew at the end of each 12-month period (unless paid in full at enrollment).

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Q. What is Vet Chat™?

Vet Chat is Banfield’s telehealth service accessed through Banfield’s newly updated client app.

Vet Chat gives Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan® clients on-demand access to a veterinarian, through the Banfield app, for immediate guidance, advice and recommended next steps in resolving the pet health issue being discussed. Vet Chat doctors do not have access to pet medical records and do not treat, diagnose, prognose or prescribe/refill. They limit their interactions to general advice and recommending one of these next steps: refer to Banfield for an in-person visit, watch and wait, general information and refer to emergency.

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Q. What's the difference between Optimum Wellness Plans and pet insurance?

Optimum Wellness Plans offer proactive, as opposed to reactive, veterinary care. While pet insurance offers coverage for many unforeseen circumstances, our preventive care approach allows us to see, treat and prevent those problems ahead of time. It’s a pet health plan you will actually use. With an Optimum Wellness Plan, we partner with you to combine physical exams, vaccinations, disease screenings and other pet health necessities into one affordable veterinary care package for your dog, puppy, kitten or cat. Beyond preventive care basics, each plan offers unlimited office visits and other services to monitor, maintain and improve your pet’s health.

Optimum Wellness Plans® Pet Insurance Plans
Intended to maintain and improve overall pet health with comprehensive preventive pet health care services Generally only covers treatment for illness and injury
Services may ALWAYS be used Used only if there is a "covered occurrence"
Includes office visits to address any existing and new pet health concerns Does not cover any pre-existing conditions
Fees same for all pets in species, no deductibles or waiting periods (prices vary by market) Monthly premiums vary based on breed, age (some breeds excluded)
Works like a "discount membership," offering practical services and other savings with a free financing option Indemnity coverage after deductible is met
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Q. Is there a discount for services that are not included in a plan?

Yes, discounts range from 5% to 20% off depending on the plan level selected and office visits are always no additional charge. Discounts apply to nearly all non-wellness plan Banfield services and products. Exceptions include therapeutic diets and PetSmart services or merchandise.

Your Optimum Wellness Plan® discount applies to:

  • Parasite preventives, including FirstShield®, Wormshield® and Comfortis® when purchased outside your plan. (Parasite Control Options that can be added to your plan are already discounted.)
  • Prescriptions and all medications except custom compounded medications
  • Products like shampoo, conditioners and lotions
  • Medical tests or services 
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Q. How do wellness plans work?

Our five “core” Optimum Wellness Plans are “life stage” or “health stage” based. Your Banfield team will work with you to determine which plan is right for your pet. Your plan can also be customized with parasite control and other options. Each plan includes a bundle of preventive care services and discounts that have been designed to meet the needs of your pet. These services are generally provided during two comprehensive exams every year for healthy adult pets. If your pet gets sick, you can always use your unlimited office visits and wellness plan discount.

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Q. How does a wellness plan work for my puppy or kitten?

We will see your puppy or kitten frequently during his or her first year of life. At your first visit, we’ll assess your pet’s overall health and provide the first set of diagnostic tests, vaccines and deworming to protect him or her against a wide variety of diseases and infections. Over the course of the year, we may see your pet up to six times to provide all of the vaccines, vaccine boosters, spay or neuter surgery, testing and deworming treatments that are included in your plan. If your puppy or kitten gets sick, you can always use your unlimited office visits and OWP discount.

For your convenience, you can drop your pet off for any visit; we’ll provide the veterinary care your pet needs while you get back to your busy day and we’ll schedule a pick-up time that’s convenient for you.

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Q. Why does my puppy or kitten need a wellness plan?

It’s important to establish an early habit of preventive care for your puppy or kitten less than six months old. Getting your puppy or kitten on a wellness plan ensures that he or she gets all of the vaccines and boosters that are critical to start on the right paw. Our skilled medical team will do an in-depth evaluation of your puppy or kitten’s overall health, including diagnostic testing to identify disease, parasites and infections. Our Early Care Plus plan includes a spay or neuter surgery to help your pet live a healthier, happier and longer life.

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Q. When should my puppy or kitten by spayed or neutered?

We recommend that the spay or neuter surgery be done before your puppy or kitten is six months old.  Performing this surgery early in your pet’s life helps avoid some of the potential behavior problems typically associated with sexual maturity (urine marking and roaming, for example). Pets at this age also tend to be the appropriate weight, with fewer complicating health problems, which makes the procedure much quicker and less invasive. At this young age, the surgery is often less painful and taxing for your pet and recovery is faster. We can perform the surgery when they are older, but there may be additional fees because a larger or heavier pet may require additional anesthesia and recovery time.
Before the surgery, we will run blood tests to ensure that your pet is ready for this procedure.  During surgery, we use high quality anesthetic protocols and we will carefully monitor your pet and administer electrolytes to speed recovery.

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Q. Why does my young, healthy adult pet need a wellness plan?

All pets, even young, healthy adult pets, need regular, ongoing preventive care to stay healthy. Pets age five to seven years for every human year and many hide problems or pain, so ongoing preventive care is important at any age.  Good food and regular exercise are important, but young, adult pets also need regular veterinary care for protection against parasites, infections and diseases. Our wellness plans include an established schedule of care that’s just right for your dog or cat. Your Banfield veterinarian will see your pet twice a year for a comprehensive review of their health. We’ll be able to identify and treat issues early, before they become more serious and harder to address. You know your dog and cat, and we can help you keep them at their peak health.

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Optimum wellness plan

Q. Can I personalize my Optimum Wellness Plan with other options?

Absolutely! We developed OWP options to give you and your Banfield veterinarian the flexibility to personalize your pet’s wellness plan.  The services in the OWP options are discounted and the cost for this additional care can be spread over your wellness plan term which makes doing the best thing for your pet easy and affordable. Below are some of the options that you can add to meet the unique needs of your dog, puppy, kitten or cat.

  • Flea & tick preventive
  • Heartworm preventive
  • Adult spay or neuter
  • Additional dental cleaning

Talk to the Banfield team in your neighborhood about the options that are right for your pet.

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Q. Are there any limitations to the core plans I can chose?

Our juvenile plans are only available to pets up to 6 months of age and our adult plans are only available to pets over 6 months of age.

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Q. Are there any limitations to the options I can chose?

Most Parasite control options may have limitations based on age and/or weight. Additional Dental option may only be added to a plan that already contains a dental cleaning. Chronic Care options may be limited based on doctor recommendations. 

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Q. How much does an Optimum Wellness Plan cost? 

Optimum Wellness Plan prices vary by species, location, and the services that best meet the needs of your dog or cat. You can use our pricing calculator to get an estimated monthly cost based on where you live and what type of pet you have. Your Banfield team will work with you to finalize your plan and costs with the unique needs of your pet in mind.

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Q. How do I pay for an Optimum Wellness Plan?

You can spread the cost of your wellness plan across the 12 months of your annual agreement to make it easier to budget for the essential health care your pet needs. Your monthly payments can be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account or charged to a credit card so that you don’t have to worry about them once you enroll. We also offer the option of paying in full if you prefer.

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Q. Can I change the level of my wellness plan during the plan year?

In most situations, if you and your veterinarian determine it is appropriate to change the level of your wellness plan, we will set your plan to renew to the desired level for the next plan year. There are situations where it makes sense to move to a different plan level before then. For example, your pet may need additional care that is available on a higher plan level. In that situation, we can stop the current plan and upgrade your pet to a higher plan. Generally if you want to move to a lower plan level (downgrade) before your current plan is over, it is best to wait until the plan renews if services have been used. Your Banfield team can tell you the cost to downgrade, if any.
In both upgrades and downgrades, a new plan year is started at the new monthly cost. If you added any OWP options to your previous plan, there might be some restrictions as you move to a new plan level. For example, the Adult Spay/Neuter option cannot be added to the new plan if it had been on the previous plan, and any used portions of any OWP options must be paid for before the new plan can be activated.

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Q. I have more than one pet. Do I get a discount on multiple wellness plans?

Yes. As an Optimum Wellness Plan® member, you can also enjoy a $15 discount on the membership fee for multiple pets.

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Q. What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

Plan services are provided at significant discounts under an annual agreement. Agreements may be cancelled at any time. However, under the monthly pay option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation, the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made (whichever is less). If you would like to set a pet's plan to not renew, log into your MyBanfield account, navigate to the Account section, and click the "Manage Plan" button beside the pet whose plan you would like to set to not renew. If you have not yet registered your MyBanfield account, you can do so with the valid email tied to your Banfield account or with your Client ID. If you wish to cancel a plan, you can email wellnessplanrelations@banfield.com or call 888-649-2716 to discuss final financial obligations.

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Q. How do I update my Address, Phone Number, or Email Address?

Your information can be updated online, in person at your local hospital, or through our Client Service Team.
To update your information online, simply log on to Banfield.com, click Account, and then click Edit. Any changes you make here will be reflected on your pet’s file at your Banfield hospital.

You can reach our Client Service Team at CST.inbox@banfield. com or by calling 866-935-5738.

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Q. How do I change the Payment Method for my Pet's Optimum Wellness Plan?

Your payment information can be updated online, in person at your local hospital, or through our Client Service Team.

To update the Payment Method for your pet’s Optimum Wellness Plan online, simply log on to Banfield.com and click View Details next to the pet’s Optimum Wellness Plan for which you would like to change the Payment Information. From there, you will see both your current Payment Information, which can be edited, and your Remaining Plan Payments.

You can reach our Client Service Team at CST.inbox@banfield. com or by calling 866-935-5738.

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Q. How do I change the billing date for my Optimum Wellness Plan recurring monthly payment?

With a minimum of five business (5) days advance notification prior to your scheduled payment, you can change the billing date for your pet’s Optimum Wellness Plan recurring monthly payment.  This change can be requested in person at your local hospital, through our Client Service Team at CST.inbox@banfield. com or by calling 866-935-5738.  

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Q. What should I do if I’m in the military & must deploy to a new location?

We are proud of our military service members and would like to help you find the best option for your pet. Please contact us at wellnessplanrelations@banfield.com or by calling 888-649-2716. 


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