Dog Wellness Plans (6 Months or Older)

As they age, dogs' health care needs inevitably change. Make sure to consult with your Banfield veterinarian when choosing or changing your Optimum Wellness Plan®.

The Importance of an Optimum Wellness Plan

Dogs age quickly, so their medical needs are always evolving. Stay ahead of this process with ongoing preventive care so they can have happy lives.

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Build the Best Plan for Your Dog

Every dog is unique, so every Optimum Wellness Plan can be customized for the specific, evolving needs of your adult dog. We kept it simple:

  1. Review the chart to learn about services in each core plan.
  2. Click the links below to learn about available plan options.
  3. Work with your Banfield veterinarian to customize your plan!

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Services Active Care Active Care Plus Special Care
Comprehensive Physical Exam(2x/year) Checked Checked Checked
Vaccinations Checked Checked Checked
Diagnostic Testing Checked Checked Checked
Fecal Exams (2x) Checked Checked Checked
Deworming (2x) Checked Checked Checked
Dental Cleaning Checked Checked
Urine Testing Checked Checked2x/year
Preventive X-rays (3 views) Checked
Eye Pressure Test Checked2x/year
Electrocardiograms Checked2x/year
Unlimited Office Visits Checked Checked Checked
Virtual Petcare services Checked Checked Checked
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