Select Your Veterinarian and Prepare Your Home

Select Your Veterinarian and Prepare Your Home

Your new furry bundle of joy will be coming home soon, so there’s plenty to do beforehand:

  • Research and choose the right veterinarian
  • Prep your home for the safety and comfort of pets and people

Find the Right Veterinarian

Before you bring your new pet home, it is important to find the right veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be your long-term partner, so you'll want to put the time in now and make a good choice. Here's how.

Visit Veterinary Practices

  • How clean is the practice?
  • Ask the staff questions; listen for answers that are clear, in language you understand
  • Observe how veterinarian(s) and staff treat other pet owners and pets
  • Ask the veterinarian to describe his or her treatment philosophy

When You Find the Right Veterinarian

  • Make your new pet's first appointment within a week of bringing him home
  • Get a referral for an after-hours/emergency veterinary clinic

Prepare the Kids

Kids with pets

Teaching some basic rules will help protect the health and safety of your children and your new pet. Make sure kids understand that a new pet is a not a toy, and the new pet may be scared, anxious and timid at first.

Teach Your Kids Some Easy Pet Do's and Don'ts

  • Let the new pet come to you, when he feels comfortable
  • Let the new pet sniff your hand before you reach out to pet him
  • Don't disturb new pets when they are sleeping, eating or chewing on a toy
  • Don't restrain the new pet if he wriggles out of your arms
  • Never pull tails, twist ears or chase new pets

If You Already Have Pets

Make sure vaccinations are up to date so all pets are protected from infection.

Vaccinations for pets

Safety Proofing

Your curious new pet won't hesitate to sniff around and explore his new home. Before he arrives, do a safety sweep of your home.

  • If you have other pets, it’s a good idea to double-check that their vaccinations are up to date; pets can pass illnesses to each other easily
  • Tape down electrical cords and put away high-value, fragile objects
  • Remove or elevate plants and household chemicals
  • Safety for pets
  • Fix broken gates and fence gaps
  • Put away kids’ toys, especially small pieces
  • Place all trash baskets in cabinets
  • Install pet gates as needed

Ready For the Big Day

With the tips in this section, your home – and your new veterinarian – will be ready for the arrival of your new pet! In the next section, we'll help you through the first few days at home with your new pet.