• Why is my dog vomiting?

    Throwing up or vomiting itself is not a disease but a possible sign of many diseases or conditions your dog may be experiencing.

    A single episode of vomiting can be related to eating too much, eating too fast, eating something unfamiliar, getting into garbage, and many other things. If your dog vomits once, but is otherwise behaving normally, there is probably nothing to worry about. However, we encourage pet owners to monitor and maintain vigilance to make sure everything is okay.

    We urge you to seek immediate veterinary care if your dog is vomiting repeatedly or vomiting while experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    · Diarrhea
    · Lethargy
    · General discomfort
    · Pain
    · Disorientation

    Vomiting under these circumstances can be a sign of significant disease, including pancreatitis, liver or kidney disease, an intestinal foreign body and a number of diseases specific to the intestines themselves, including inflammatory disease, parasitism and even cancer.

    Vomiting in sick puppies is particularly dangerous, as this is one of the classic signs of parvo virus which can lead to death, especially if left untreated.

    When you present your dog to a veterinarian with a concern about vomiting, she/he will ask you several questions and perform a physical exam in order to determine most likely causes. There is no specific test for vomiting, so a diagnosis is made by testing for those things that can cause vomiting as a sign.

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