• Why does my puppy hiccup a lot? Also, I switched his food and he doesn't like the new stuff. so I bought some wet food. Is this a good idea? If so, what wet food should I buy? He's on large-breed puppy food.

    Hiccuping is a muscle spasm of the diaphragm. This muscle spasm can occur more often in puppies and is generally not anything to worry about.

    The lack of appetite can be from the food change or there can be an underlying medical cause for it. If he liked his previous food, then I recommend that you try to feed that to him again. If he eats that well then it is most likely that he just doesn't like the new food.

    Wet food can also be an option to help stimulate his appetite. If you use wet food I recommend that you use a small amount of the same brand that you are feeding. This can help to prevent any GI upset that may occur from the change in food.

    If he still doesn't want to eat, I recommend that you take him into see your veterinarian. They can examine him for any underlying medical issues that may be affecting his appetite. 


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