• What is transient diabetes and what does it mean for a 13 yr old minpin who is in good shape? He went from 13.1 pounds to 8.6 in a couple weeks but is still in great spirits.

    Transient diabetes is when the pet is showing signs of diabetes that then resolve over time. This can be after treatment or it can happen on its own. This can occur in cases where excess weight or other issues are the cause of the high blood sugar. This condition needs to be monitored closely because in some cases the diabetes can return and start to cause serious health issues if it is not caught in time.

    I recommend that you continue to work with your veterinarian if your pet has been diagnosed with this. They can recommend a monitoring program that will help to ensure that your pet remains healthy.

    Also if you notice any decrease in appetite, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, or increased urination, he needs to see your veterinarian immediately. These can be signs that the diabetes has returned. 


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