• What do I feed my six-week-old puppy I got today? He barely nibbled at the softened dry puppy food and has not touched the puppy milk I gave him in a small bowl, and he didn't like it from the bottle either. How often do I feed him, and how much?

    The concern is whether the puppy is actually weaned. A small-breed puppy should stay with his mother until at least 8 weeks, and it's often better for them to stay until 10 weeks so they are weaned and eating well on their own. Very young small-breed puppies are prone to low blood sugar if they aren't eating properly.

    I would recommend you contact the person you got the dog from and ask specifically what the puppy has been eating and whether his is actually weaned. If not, you may need to bottle feed for a little while, which is a little risky due to the posibility of getting milk into the lungs and developing pneumonia. A puppy this small and young should be eating every 4 hours or so during the day.

    If you need additional help, I would recommend making an appointment with a veterinarian who can make sure the puppy is healthy and give you specific instructions on what to feed.

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