• Our pup got ear drops (10 drops, twice daily) almost a week ago for her yeast infection. The dark wax is gone, however - she has a residue on her ear and there seem to be red rash-type bumps on it now. Please advise on what to do. Thanks!
  • Hello. We have two-week old kittens from a stray cat. We do not know anything about mom cat yet, except she does have visible worms. One kitten is not using her left front leg at all(limping). On closer examination I could feel at the very start of her leg it felt very bulged and rounded. (No visible problems on the outside) They are all going to the vet in a few days but in the meantime I am very worried for her. Could this be a permanent deformity or infection of some sort? I know seeing her is the best way to know, but I just wanted some thoughts/guesses on what this is and if its possibly life-threatening.Thank you.
  • My dog is housebroken and very well trained. She never has accidents in the house. She will also let us know when she needs to go out. This morning she had an accident and her urine was darker in color than usual and may have had a little blood in it, however it is hard to tell. She isn't showing any other signs of pain or discomfort. What should we look out for to know when it is time to bring her to the vet?
  • My dog is almost 10, I assumed care of him when he was 7 and he was never neutered. Would getting him neutered now benefit any with his behavior? He's always been calm and laid back and he recently got into a fight with a house mate and now they can't even be around each other. Just wanted to know if getting him neutered may fix his dominant behavior. The other dog is a neutered male. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
  • My dog. 8 yo dachsund. Had some constipation. I thought I would give him some pumpkin to help. Didn’t read instructions. Gave him 2 tsp. Then 2-3 spoonfuls after. He seems fine. But read it could be toxic. Wanted to make sure it was ok. Or if I could give him something to reverse effects before anything happens
  • Hello, My dog Inca had a long yellowish-white strand (approx 4 inches, and perhaps 10mm thick) coming out of her anus during/after she pooped today. It looked stringy and broke apart when I poked it with a leaf. I did get a picture of it and am planning to bring her in to see a vet soon. Is this likely a worm/parasite, or is something else wrong?
  • My dog khaleesi ran into my dog pepper playing in the back yard. Pepper was just limping a little the day of but yesterday and today is not using that leg at all. I also recently have been laid off until further notice so I would need to know as close as possible to how much it would be to figure out what is wrong.
  • My almost 2 year old corgi managed to break one of his top left teeth a few days ago. (the largest tooth, pretty far back in his mouth) I do believe the part that broke off did expose the pulp. Can this be sealed or anything like that and can my regular Banfield vet do this or do I need to go to a special office for dental things like this? I want to do something before it gets infected or painful. It doesn't seem to bother him too much right now, he is still eating and active.
  • My dog is neutered and has not reached 1 yr in human count. But he aggressively humps his stuff animal every day. I thought getting him neutered would make him less sexually aggressive but it seems to be the other way around. Advice? Suggestions? Thoughts?
  • My dog got a ham bone brought him in got probiotics and was feeding him boiled buger and probiotics and now that he done with that a couple days he was good now back to diarrhoea again
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