• I have a lab puppy that is just over 6 months old. He has been sneezing a lot and has eye mucus in the morning. I am wondering if he has a cold or something, and whether I should bring him in? Thank you for your time
  • Good morning Snowball is 2 month is it normal for him to eat his poop. I caught him twice trying to eat it. Is there something that I could buy for him to stop. I am scare that if I dont catch the poop he would eat it. Thank You
  • I had to change my dog's food because it was going to be discontinued. After trying 3 different kinds and him refusing to eat them I just got Blue Buffalo large breed chicken and rice flavor. I've given it to him twice only so far which he has eaten. But people say that dog food should be grain free which this is not. Wondering if it was ok to give him this food. is a food with grain bad for dogs. Any recommendations for a food that's good for American bulldogs
  • I brought Hank in for his comprehensive exam last week, Discussed the fact that he has lost 10 pounds and was eating too fast then drinking & vomiting. Dr. Dunphy (?) advised smaller meals, remove water for a short period after he eats. She also advised giving him boiled chicken,carrots and or cucumbers to fill him up. He is eating this just fine with no vomiting but it seems like he is still losing weight. Is there something nourishing and high calorie I can give him. He has follow up blood work scheduled for 4/29/19.
  • Hi, I have two wire haired dachshunds, one 4 years old, one 10 years old - both in good health, thank goodness. I need effective flea and tick medicine - but SAFE - i have an 11 month old son who loves to touch and kiss the dogs. Please recommend something safe and effective.
  • My puppy has had diarrhea once a day for the past 4 days (once he threw up too - just yellow foam). It doesn't look like there's blood in his stool. We have an appointment in a week and a half - should I try to get him into the vet sooner? We haven't changed his food.
  • Should I give my dog a probiotic?
  • Bella's eyes have been red the last couple of days. What should I do?
  • My cat ate a piece of cloth yesterday and she has not pooped. She is behaving normal, eating, and basically herself. Should I be worried?
  • My dog is acting a little strange. Whenever I try to pick her up she yelps. I’m not sure what could be causing this. She has been going to the dog park a lot. Maybe sore muscles
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