• We're having our dog spayed and we are curious how long it will take before she can safely walk up and down the stairs to our townhouse. We don't want to rush her recovery and risk her well being.

    She should be able to walk up the stairs when she gets home from the procedure. The biggest concern is that she may still be a little sleepy from the procedure.

    If she seems to be very sleepy or if you are worried that she might hurt herself I recommend that you carry her. Usually this goes away within 24 hours after the procedure. After that she should be able to walk the stairs normally.

    The biggest concern is to keep her quiet so that she does not tear her stitches. As long as walks the stairs slowly she should be fine.

    I recommend that you check with your veterinarian on the day of the surgery and get their advice. They can let you know if there are any further restrictions that are specific to her. 

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