• We are going to need to day board our two little dogs while we are at a theme park on Thanksgiving. What can we do to make this day boarding successful? Should we put the dogs in the same crate or in separate crates so they have more space? How often should we walk the dogs during the day? What toys/treats are the best to keep in the crate with the dogs? Any other tips?

    I recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about this. The best answer on how often to walk them and if they will do well in a crate together or separately will depend on your individual pet’s size, age, and health status. Your vet knows your pets and can give you advice that is specific to them.

    In general I recommend separate crates as some dogs that live together can become testy with each other when confined in a small space. Leaving them with toys or treats will also be based on the individual pets. Some pets will do well with a chew toy but you want to make sure that it is a toy that they will not destroy or ingest. It is important that your pets are used to being in crates or kennels prior to this experience.

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