• I was doing research on flea and tick preventative. I'm curious what species of ticks the First Shield Trio brand that you sell is effective against. Couldn't find it listed anywhere. It just says effective against ticks in general. On that topic, is the American dog tick considered the same as a general wood tick?

    First Shield Trio is effective against all species of ticks. The active ingredients are designed to repel and kill all species of ticks. In some cases, a tick may get onto the pet, and in this case the First Shield Trio kills with contact so it should prevent them from attaching. It is a very good product that works well for many pets.

    Your veterinarian can talk to you more about the different types of tick prevention and which product is best for your pet. The American dog tick and the wood tick are different species of ticks. These ticks can both be dangerous and are capable of transmitting diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, to your pet.

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