• Vet asked to buy chewables for heartworm and flea and tick. Question is: should I give the whole chewable from Heartgard(blue box) and Nexgard to my 4month/6.2lbs puppy? And if is okay to give him both prevantions at the same time. Thank you!!

    Hi Alejandra,
    If you have concerns about the medication for your individual pet, I recommend that you talk to your local vet about them. They know your pet and they can answer the questions about your individual pet. In general the entire dose of heartworm prevention should be given at one time to your pet. This makes sure that enough of the medication is present to prevent the disease. The same is true for the Nexgard. There are no documented concerns on giving both of these medications at the same time. If you are concerned about giving both at one time you can separate them and give one the next day.

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