• My dog Tyson threw up twice yesterday and then proceeded to eat it. Is this normal?

    The short answer is that it's quite normal for a dog to want to eat what they've brought up, but the throwing up might be cause for concern. If he ate his meal quickly and then brought it up again, chances are he ate too quickly and had to regurgitate it back up. If this is the case, try to get him to eat slower, or feed him smaller amounts more often.

    If he vomited (this is different from regurgitation; regurgitation is usually a passive process, but vomiting is more active, with contractions of the stomach) then two vomits in one day could be a simple stomach upset, but could also be something more serious.

    Both regurgitation and vomiting can be caused by more serious diseases, so if Tyson seems sluggish or depressed, or if you're worried about him, it's best to take him to see your vet to make sure everything's OK. 

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