• My lizard seems sick. What should I do?

    Many illnesses in reptiles are related at least in part to improper husbandry-heat, humidity, light, unclean water or a dirty habitat. Just like other pets, healthy reptiles have their own routines.

    Any variation from what is normal for your reptile is of concern including not eating, inactivity, weight loss, unexplained color changes and abnormal breathing. If you notice any of these signs you need to have your pet seen by a veterinarian. Abnormal lumps, bumps and legs or tails that look abnormal should be checked as soon as they are noticed.

    Since not all doctors see reptiles you will need to call local hospitals/clinics in your area to find someone to see your pet. After the veterinarian examines your pet and asks relevant and specific questions about the habitat and the care you provide he/she will be able to share thoughts on what could be going on and what needs to be done to return your pet to health.

    Good luck and we hope your pet is feeling better soon.

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