• What I should do for my puppy's eyes? They get very gunky when he sleeps and throughout the day. All I can do now is wipe them with an unscented baby wipe. Thank you for any advice you can offer!

    I recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about this issue. Excessive eye discharge in Shar Peis can be a sign of an eye issue. This can include the eyelid rubbing on the eye or a eyelash that is causing irritation. Your veterinarian can examine his eyes for any underlying condition that may be causing this.

    If everything is normal on that exam, then you can use the baby wipes on his skin folds and around the eye. It is important that you don’t use the wipes on his eye or eyelids as that can cause injury to the eye. Also, if the wipes irritate his skin folds, I recommend that you take him in to see your veterinarian. When the skin folds become irritated or infected, he may need a medicated wipe to treat these areas.

    As for the eye itself, it is best to rinse the gunk out with a sterile saline solution. It is important to use a solution that is designed for ophthalmic or eye use. You should be able to find this at your local pharmacy. You can use this product to actually rinse the eye and the eyelids. It is important that you don’t touch the tip of the bottle to his eye. This can lead to injury or infection to the eye. If you notice that his eyes become red, he starts to squint, or if the discharge becomes yellow or green then you should take him in to see your veterinarian as soon as possible. These can be symptoms of an eye infection or injury. 

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