• Preparing for a cross-country move with my cat who absolutely hates her crate and car rides, and I expect would also hate plane rides. Do you have any tips for making the actual move less stressful for her? Would medication along the lines of kitty Xanax be an option and/or advisable?

    Hi Tim,
    Cats get stressed by changes from their own environment but many things can be done to help reduce this stress. I recommend making an appointment with your veterinarian to further discuss your cat and the best way to help. The veterinarian may recommend medications or supplements, and there are many things you can do at home to help as well. Have the carrier out at all times to help your cat get used to it. and you can feed your cat in the carrier to make it a positive place. Also, when the carrier is in the car it should be level and seat belted to prevent moving. Covering the carrier with a towel can help. Also have something in the kennel that smells like home. The car should be temperature controlled prior to placing your cat in so there is no shock if it is too cold or too hot.

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