• Our puppy is usually very happy but since he was about 4 months old (he is 7 months old now), he has shown signs of aggression. Sometimes it is triggered by human food nearby, or if he and my husband are on the couch together and someone else walks in the room. Sometimes it doesn't seem to have a trigger. He growls, approaches the person, snarls, & snaps until the person backs away. Recently he started jumping on the person while doing this. We usually put him outside for a few minutes and then he is very subservient when let back in. We were hoping this would end after he was neutered, but it has been over a month now since that has happened (although he still likes to hump things). He is a great dog, but this behavior is scary to have with a child in the house. Any advice? Thank you.

    Hi Andrea,
    I recommend that you take him into see your local veterinarian. Aggression like you are describing is concerning and it could potentially get worse. The key to successful treatment of this will depend on finding the triggers for the behavior and formulating a behavior modification plan. Your vet can work with you on this behavior modification plan and prescribe medication if needed. Some cases of aggression may require working with a behavior specialist in your local area. If this is needed your local vet can refer you to the one who will be best.

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