• My puppy will be 8 weeks July 6th. Can I get flea & tick protection for her or is she to young? Oh Can we spray the yard as well?
  • My dog has started eating our cockatiel's food. Like all birds, ours makes a huge mess and our dog sometimes cleans up the mess before I can. Our bird eats a mix of zupreem (not sure of spelling), nutriberries, a small amount of seeds, and some fresh food. Is it harmful for my dog to be eating these pellets?
  • My six-year-old Chihuahua insists on eating the four-month-old Chihuahua's food and vice versa. I know it's not healthy for the puppy to have adult food, but can my adult chihuahua eat the puppy food so that it's easier to feed both?
  • My Cockatiel's partner had to be put down yesterday. Since then, my Cockatiel has been acting differently, which I was expecting - but today I heard its nose making a squeaking, almost clogged sound. It hasn't been sneezing, so I am unsure if it is a cold. I'm wondering if I should take it in for a checkup? I should also mention that the vet did not know what was causing my other Cockatiel's seizures, so I am unaware if the issues with the two birds are related.
  • My dog has a blueish, hairless lump on top of his hind leg. We were told it was a benign cyst and had it drained when it was small. It is now much larger and it looks to be opening. What could this be?
  • My leopard gecko has lost his vibrant color. Now his color looks to have a touch of gray. What is it due to?
  • My dog was diagnosed with diabetes and was put on a diet to lose weight. He was 16 pounds and is now 8 pounds. Should he be on Insulin?
  • My dog was severely malnourished when I adopted him from the animal shelter. My vet told me to give him anything he would eat, so I fed him regular dog food, as well as chicken, cheeseburgers, steak, ham, and anything else I happened to be making. Now, he goes through phases where he will not eat any dog food and only wants what I'm having. What can I do to get his diet regulated so he'll be as healthy as possible?
  • I think my dog has ringworm. What can I do?
  • My dog has been have diarrhea for the last two weeks. What could be wrong?
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