• I have recently noticed that my English bulldog has had red paws, licking the right one most of the time. We have tried other food diets in case of a food allergy and she continues to lick her right paw. Now we have noticed that she has a red bump on her right paw in between her two toes. I have also noticed that all 4 of her paws are red after we go for a walk but ease up over time. Is this still allergies? Should I go in and see my vet? Is there something we can do at home to help this red bump and her red paws go away?
  • I caught my dog eating poop. What should i do to stop it or should i be doing something like feeding him more? I’m not sure.
  • I feel a lump on Nola's left shoulder blade. She has an appointment in 4May. Should I wait to get it checked out then?
  • Penny vomited about 2-3 hours after taking the flea and tick oral medication (simparica). Does she need another dose of medication?
  • My dog's gotten sick once yesterday and once today. It seemed to be after he'd eaten food a little too fast potentially, as the kibble didn't seem to be digested nor chewed. Dog is a 4 month old half poodle/half sheepdog and he's had zero issues with his stomach before (not even diarrhea when he changed foods) I haven't fed him since. I am fairly certain he didn't get into anything. And unfortunately my husband and I cannot make it into the vet today. Should I just feed him chicken & rice for the next day or two & let his stomach rest? Thanks, Danielle
  • My dog seems to have a sore leg. She walks on it and everything but limps a little and doesn’t play anymore. I just took her to the vet the other day and they said she looked fine. They said she has arthritis but everything else looked normal. Is there anything I can do to help ease her doscomfort?
  • Can I give my dog Nexguard rather than the topical flea & tick medicine that I currently use (K9 Advantage II)?
  • my dog's tail got shut in door, it was bleeding and I dipped his tail in water, the bleeding seems reduce. Is this situation serious? What should I do next. Thank you!
  • What are some methods to stop aggression in a 10 week old puppy? When he growls, we use the word "no" but he doesn't seem to understand. Are there some other things we could do to discipline him?
  • Hi we took in a stray cat that was pregnant. It has been almost two weeks since she gave birth. We visibly saw a large worm in her poop. She is having a lot of diarrhea. Can she be given worm medicine now even with nursing her babies? Is this the possible cause of diarrhea?
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