• My dog has been barking all of the time this past year. I figured he has separation anxiety because he barks whenever someone is putting on their shoes to leave the house, but it just seems like he barks at every little thing now.
  • Hi I noticed a white rice grain around my kittens bum, I saw one about a month ago and just thought it was dust from somewhere. But today I noticed it again (twice so far) and googled it discovering it may be tapeworms. She keeps licking her anus more often today, is there anything I can do to help her with this? The earliest appointment i got is April 22 at 330pm. Please help not aure if that's too long to wait, is there something I can pick up from Petco over the counter?
  • My puppy was eating a bone and one of his teeth are loose and bleeding. Is this normal?
  • She has a lump on her lower back practically on her spine. It hasn’t affected her mood or behavior the last week. Should I take her in or maybe it will go away? She is an indoor cat.
  • I have 3 cats - 1 kitten & 2 older cats. I noticed 1 flea on the kitten on Saturday and gave all 3 a Frontline treatment on Sunday. It is now Friday and I'm seeing more fleas on all my cats, not less. What can I do right now for them? I don't want to overload their systems with the chemicals/medicine, but want to do something to help them. What can I do?
  • My cat, Felix, had what looked like classic cat asthma (based on you tube video) last night (I had my Mom bring a rag to put under him, in case it was a hairball. He ended up running downstairs after the episode and seemed ok. I will bring him in, of course, if he has another episode. What would be signs that was a fluke (I hope so) vs a genuine problem?
  • Our 7 month old puppy currently eats Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy (Chicken Meal and Barley recipe). We want to switch him over to the Blue Buffalo brand puppy food because of the ingredients and benefits we've read about online. Would you recommend the switch? Also, he is getting closer in age to becoming an adult dog, which means we will eventually have to switch hi diet to adult dog food. Around what age should we begin the switch?
  • I have had my dog for about 5 or 6 years. She was born in January of 2013 and is a chihuahua rat terrier mix breed. She was given to me by my sister because of issues with being housebroken. My concern is ever since I have had her she has had issues with expressing her anal glands as well as just constant discomfort. I did learn. It is common for small breed dogs to have to get their anal glands expressed by veterinarian which I try to do regularly as well as buying probiotics feeding your sweet potatoes or anything that would help her to have more comfortable bowel movements. Sometimes it has improved seems to me that she is in pain very uncomfortable for at least 20 minutes after every bowel movement she has ever had? I'm really concerned and I noticed lately that the color of her feces is a reddish color. I'm not sure what could be causing discomfort and shaking every time she goes to the bathroom. It makes me really sad for her and very worried that she has to go through this every time and it also makes her apprehensive about having her bowel movements? Can you help?
  • Ziva is approaching her 1-year birthday. So I am doing a bit of research about switching her food from puppy to adult food but have a few questions. Currently, she is eating Purina Pro Plan - Focus Puppy - Lamb & Rice Formula, and per our last vet visit in March it was indicated we should start working on moving her to adult food. However, per the Purina.com website (https://www.purina.com/dogs/dog-breeds/siberian-husky), it states; "Because Huskies take more time to mature than smaller dogs, they may need puppy food for up to 2 years." So, I am a bit conflicted for what to do next for her. I have been investigating the Purina website, and have the following plan I wanted to propose and see what our trusted vet thought about it. 12 months - 24 months: Purina Pro Plan - Sport All Life Stages - Performance 30/20 - Salmon & Rice Formula I am thinking about this as the next stage because when Ziva is really excited about going on extra long walks or has a particularity long day at the dog park she seems a bit tired (sometimes not wanting to finish the walk). I feel that the sports blend should help promote muscle development, endurance, and bone/joint health for these longer excursions, especially during her transition year. 24 months forward: I am torn between two choices here. 1) Purina Pro Plan - Sport All Life Stages - Active 26/16 Formula For All Life Stages 2) Purina Pro Plan - Savor Grain Free Adult Shredded Blend - Turkey, Duck & Quail Formula Option 1 to keep her muscles and endurance up (though she does not perform in competitive athletics), or option 2 for the all-around health (including bone/joint), flavor, and variety she seems to really like in her treats. So all that said, the question is should I skip the interim stage for the next year noted in my plan above and simply move to an adult blend? And if I simply move to an adult blend, would the Sport or Savior line be better for her? Thanks.
  • My cat seems to be constipated. He keeps going to al the litter boxes but nothing comes out. He tries to go against the wall too and he gets rigid and doesn’t want to be touched. Is there something I can do to ease the constipation without going to the vet?
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