• Our dog Rocky seems to have allergies to the change of weather. His eyes tear and also he sneezes more than usual. Can I give him allergy over-the-counter meds? Also, Rocky seems to have separation disorder. He continues to urinate in the house even right after he goes for a walk or in the back yard after I leave the home. He lost his brother a year ago and ever since he does not like other dogs. This is very hard on him, is there anything I can do to help him? I have continued to walk him but now I do not trust him around any dogs as he will sometimes bite. Help!

    With both things going on with Rocky, I recommend that you take him into see your veterinarian. The sneezing and watery eyes can be a sign of allergies. They can also be a sign of an early upper respiratory disease or another issue. Your veterinarian can make sure that nothing bigger than allergies is going on as well as prescribing the best treatment for him.

    With the behavior issues again your veterinarian will be the best resource for you. Separation anxiety and dog aggression can both be difficult behaviors to treat. Your veterinarian can suggest some behavior modification treatments specifically for Rocky. In some cases anti-anxiety medicines may be needed. Every dog has a different trigger for these behaviors, your veterinarian can help diagnose these triggers and base the treatment for Rocky off of the diagnosis. Good Luck.

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