• My dog's nose has turned pink and seams to have scabs on it. I asked my veterinarian last week and she said to use zinc oxide on it, but my dog licked the bit I applied off right away. The zinc oxide was only 13%. Does she need a stronger one? She is out in the sun all of the time - could it be sunburned? Could it be the fillers in her food instead of a sunburn like the vet thought? Is the zinc oxide ok for her?

    A small amount of the zinc oxide is okay for her to ingest. You should use just enough to lightly cover her nose. There are other things that can cause her nose to become pink and scabby other than sunburn.

    If you continue to have problems applying the zinc oxide, or if it does not seem to be improving, then I recommend that you take her back in to see your veterinarian.


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