• My wife and I have been strongly considering purchasing an English Bulldog. However, we've read on the internet that they can be very expensive due to health concerns (respiratory, hip, eye). I know every dog is different, but is taking care of an English Bulldog a lot more expensive than taking care of most dogs? We love the breed but can't really afford to break the bank taking care of one. Thank you!

    English bulldogs can be a more expensive breed in general do to their facial anatomy. They and other smooshed face dogs can have more respiratory and eye issues due to their anatomy. However, the health and cost can vary between individuals within the breed.

    I have seen some bulldogs that were very healthy and never had any of these issues. I have also seen some bulldogs that seemed to have issues every few months. You can see these variations in other breeds as well.

    I recommend that you research the breeder that you plan on using and look at the health of the parents. This can help your ensure that you get the healthiest puppy possible. 


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