• My 6 month old puppy has been sneezing regularly for the last week. Could this be kennel cough (as she had it about a month ago) or Maybe allergies. I do wanna note is notorious for digging.. so possibly mites?
  • My cat had shots on 5/06/2019. She has been very ill ever since, vomiting. I thought it might be hair balls. But, I'm convinced it is not. She was very ill tonight. something is wrong! I need some assistance right away.
  • My 4 month old puppy has diarrhea he is other wise acting normal. Running, jumping, playing, eating and drinking. He has had all of his puppy shots including rabies. It started Wednesday night and was back to normal on Friday. But it has restarted today. He has no blood or worms in his stool. And I have not changed his diet.
  • Found a worm in my dogs stool two days after giving heart guard and has occurred again in another stool
  • Tucker is due for 2 vaccinations . He has appointment for dental Cleaning on the 28th. Can he also get the vaccinations on same day?
  • My dog, age 13 months, isn’t acting like himself. He is very subdued, not eating all of his food and falling asleep standing up. He doesn’t even want his ball and he is normally obsessed.
  • Could you please call my pharmacy 1 (800) Petmeds. I order with them the simparica green that my dog has been prescribe at your facility. They need you to authorized the med. Client ID at Banfield #HUM1G82 My Order at PetMeds#:O54429989. Thank you.
  • I have a cat that is over a year old. She has already had one liter of kittens last august. She is in heat and we have a male cat that is hanging around our home trying to get in as well as her trying to get outside. Is there anyway possible that we can drop her off tonight and have her fixed in tomorrow? Starting with you since you were so great with my jasmine. Please call my cell phone with any possibility 704-347-9512 Thank you Jennifer Freeman
  • It seems like my dog is scratching at her eye and causing what looks like the start of a cherry eye. How do I prevent that from fully forming?
  • Would it possible to get a prescription for triflexis and be able to get it at Costco for a less expensive price.
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