• How often should my 10 months old Westie-Pug puppy get her vaccinations, and when is she due again for shots? She received her last set at 8 months. Should she be using flea and tick medication? Is it necessary to continue heartworm medication?

    The vaccines schedule will depend on your individual pet. The recommended vaccines depend on where you live as well as the environment that your puppy is exposed to. Certain diseases are more prevalent in different areas of the country.

    The timing of the vaccines will also depend on your community and your pet’s environment. The veterinarian who gave the vaccines can let you know what vaccines are recommended for your pet. You can also discuss flea prevention with your veterinarian.

    I generally recommend flea treatments for dogs who go to dog parks. I highly recommend that you continue heartworm prevention year round. Heartworms can be transmitted by a single mosquito bite. Heartworms can cause serious disease and can even be fatal in certain cases. It is much easier and cheaper to prevent than it is to treat.

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