• My puppy is about 18 weeks old. She started her vaccinations late, at around 15 weeks. She has had two sets of the DAPP vaccination and we have been told at the 2nd appointment that she can now go on walks and would get her next DAPP shot next year. However, we were also told at our 1st exam that she would need three sets of vaccinations before she could go outside. Can we take her outside on walks?

    Hi Catherine,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. They know your pet and her medical history so they can give you the best advice on this. In general, most of the vaccine protocols for DAPP recommend at least 2 vaccines with the last one being at 17-20 weeks of age. Since she started late it may only take a total of 2 of the DAPP vaccines for her to be protected.

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