• My puppy has developed a rash on her inner back legs and neck and she is itching all over often. We recently changed her food and exposed her to grass. I'm wondering if the rash could be due to allergies and what I can do to help her? She is only 10 weeks old.

    Allergies are a good guess in terms of what could be causing the itching and rash in your puppy. The two challenges that you are still dealing with are 1) What is she allergic to? – grass or the new food are definitely candidates, but it is also very possible that there is something else causing this too; and 2) It could still be something completely different and not related to allergies – puppies especially are prone to other problems like acne and different mites so before we assume that allergies are the cause – I would suggest bringing her into your vet for a closer look and some diagnostic tests.

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