• My husband and I recently separated. Since then, my cat has not been eating her dry food. We've been able to give her wet food and she will eat that. We also tried to mix wet food into her dry food and she would not touch it. I'm not sure if she's just depressed and upset seeing as I don't live in the same house as her anymore or if she's just had a change in preference. Should I be concerned or should I just start to give her wet food instead of dry?

    Hi Kristen,
    If the change in eating preference has gone on for longer than a week I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. Cats can be sensitive to changes in their environment but usually any behavior changes resolve in 2-3 days. When it goes on longer than that it can be more concerning that there may be an underlying medical issue for the change. This could be anything form infection or inflammation in her mouth to something more serious like kidney disease. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of her symptoms and the treatment she needs after they have examined her.  

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