• My dogs left eye has been giving a green-yellow, gooey discharge (eye booger). He sometimes gets regular looking “eye boogers” daily but they have not looked like this specific kind. This eye is also somewhat red. We’ve just noticed this today but wanted to ask if it’s something to worry about/make an appointment for. It hasn’t seemed to bother him at all (no scratching or other signs of irritation). It was just concerning to us since we haven’t seen this before. Is this something we can care for at home or do we need to make an appointment to get it looked at?

    Hi Sarah,
    I recommend making an appointment for your dog to have his eyes examined. There are several causes of eye discharge and infection or trauma may be the cause of the change in the color of the discharge.  Your veterinarian may need to run some diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the discharge and determine the best treatment.

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