• My dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis at our Banfield yesterday. She had elevated liver enzymes and hadn't eaten any food in about 36 hours at least. The vet told me to make her eat last night, and I fed her the Royal Canin canned food through a syringe. I read some research articles about pancreatitis in dogs and it said they can eat cooked skinless boneless chicken, nonfat plain yogurt, nonfat cottage cheese or pumpkin. Can I give her any of these things? The vet made it seem like if she didn't eat she would get worse.

    Hi Meghan, thanks for your question. I am sorry to hear that your dog is sick. For the food question, I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian. The food that will be best during this episode can depend on a few different factors including the severity of the pancreatitis, any other abnormalities, her breed, and if she is wanting to eat. Your vet knows your pet and they can let you know if any of these foods would be a safe alternative for her.

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