• Hello! I recently adopted an FIV+ cat and she started sneezing and sounding congested. I took her to the vet and she is on Clavamox now, with one day left in her 14-day medication treatment. She still is sneezing with mucus discharge and sometimes sounds congested. It is better than before, but still worries me. She is going back to the vet in 2 days but I don't know how to help. Could it be allergies?
  • Hi, my dog has been peeing clear while just walking in the house. When he pees he usually squats down and pee s but all day today he was been releasing clear liquid. Should I be concerned ?
  • My dog was vomiting 2 days ago was white and foamy gave him boiled chicken and plain rice he ate it up. Lately he will not eat his greenies he had a bowel movement yesterday at the dog park. I recently put him back on his hydrolyzed dog food for his allergies. Do you think I need to bring him in he is playing and urinating.
  • Is it normal for Banfield to NOT give any written after care instructions following dental cleaning surgery?? I didn't get any on Saturday nor was I told that they stuck a plastic syringe of medicine in the paper bag with her regular heartworm medicine that she doesn't take for another 6 days.
  • Hi, I’m very confused. Took my dog to the vet and said her kidneys weren’t working as well so she was sent home with low protein food once we went back her BUN was a lot lower than the first time but her CREA went up from 2.0 to 2.5, does this mean it’s getting worse? I’m worried because vet said she was better and her kidneys were no longer failing but online I read CREA is more of an indicator than BUN so why did vet tell me she was better? Her ALP was elevated does this have any correlation with her CREA? Thank you!
  • Recently, my chiweenie has been wheezing, coughing and sounding like he cant breathe easily. I am pretty sure he has allergies and I am wondering what I can do for him to help alleviate his symptoms. Thank you!
  • My 8yr old Boxer is suffering from Arthritis. He recently received a Adequan shot. How long before I should start to see results? Hes currently taking Galliprant 60mg – once daily along with Dasuquin soft chews .
  • Is it normal for my 4 and a half month puppy to have greenish thick vaginal discharge when she pees? This happened twice yesterday.
  • My dog is steadily losing weight despite eating regularly (+10lbs. Since August. ). He uses the bathroom normally but eats grass like hes ill, he could barely walk this morning and had to be carried up and down the stairs to go outside and now is moaning like he's in pain. His heart beats so hard it shakes his entire body and his ribs are swollen and there is big knot on his right ribs that is getting worse. I pointed all of this out to the vet at Banfield and another local vet and both claimed it was only me noticing his weight loss. There is something VERY wrong with my dog and idk what to do to help him. I'm afraid he's dying and in a lot of pain. I'm out of funds for more testing. He was seen at Banfield 4 weeks ago to the tune of $400 to find out what is wrong and I still dont have ANY answers other than arthritis and a bad tooth.... I find that a poor and incompetent diagnosis and I need answers.
  • I gave my dog benadryl to see if he would calm down since he gets so nervous when he goes to the groom. The vet told me that if it did not work then to try to reach out to see if they can prescribe him something else. He was more hyper after we gave him the benadryl. How much would it cost?
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