• We are going on vacation and our little Winston will be staying with his grandparents for 2 weeks. He does not do well with travel. Is there any medication or things we can do so that he most comfortable for his journey and in his temporary home? We would like to take an precautions recommended to prevent him from trying to escape or run away from his temporary living situation.
  • Our puppy is 12 weeks old and is urinating while she sleeps, we are unsure if it was because isn’t house broken yet or not. She seems to be dreaming before she does it. Is there a way to stop it or could they’re be an underlying cause?
  • We have fed our goldens (almost 11 and 2) Natural Balance. At our last visit we didn't see our regular vet but the vet we did see told me to switch the dog food to Pro Plan sensitive Stomach (older dog has food allergies). We have done that but I was just looking on the Pro Plan website and it says the sensitive stomach food is not made for older dogs, should I be concerned? The reason we were told to switch was because some recent studies showing Natural Balance caused thinning of the heart muscle in Goldens. Now I'm concerned the food is not appropriate for my older girl.
  • Hi I have a question about my Pug bella. I noticed that she has a lot of tartar built up on her back teeth. I was wondering if there was any products you recommend for this since she has a really sensitive stomach and it is extremely difficult to brush her teeth.
  • Vomiting 2 days just randomly and keeps scratching her bottom on the rug a lot 4-5 days. What could be causing this?
  • Does not eat dog food ! Has diarrhea and blood in his soft stool carried dog to Banfield several times with same issue but still have the problem ! HELP HELP
  • Does my puppy need year round flea/tick preventative and what do you recommend? My parents live on the Gulf Coast so we will be taking him to the beach often and currently live in Missouri. Thank you!
  • Pepper is TZU, I have only had her for 9 years, she is 13 now . But she doesn't have many teeth left and they aren't very good, but she keeps eating her poop. She eats it before I can get to it and my other dogs as well. As it is my disability has it where I need a larger dog and they are both smaller dogs and much older with disabilities of their own what do I do.
  • My dog has a red infection just under her left eye. I have photos if needed. She was scratching at it and it got red but not completely bleeding.
  • Jackie received a shot last week of IV fluid around her neck. It has become hard and she is still lethargic and unable to open her mouth without pain. What do I need to do.
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