• My dog, Ryder, has been showing aggressive behavior occasionally. Are there tests that can find an unlaying cause? This is a recent development and I'm worried it could become worse. Ryder is a pit mix.

    Hi Josh,
    I recommend that you take Ryder into see a veterinarian as soon as possible. There can be underlying medical or physical causes for aggression. These causes can include arthritis, abdominal pain, certain masses, or even an underlying infection or illness. The best way to identify the rigger of the aggression is to combine an exam by your vet and potentially certain diagnostic tests like blood work or x-rays along with a good history from you about what the aggression looks like, what seems to make it worse, ad when it started. Treatment for is usually a combination of medication and behavior modification plan that is specific for your pet. Your vet can also refer you to a behavior specialist if needed.

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