• My dog has been biting and scratching himself the past 2 months. I've checked him for fleas and ticks and gave him a bath about month ago, that didn't help. He seems to have a sore on his back near his tail that he keeps trying to lick and bite that I noticed about month ago. There seems to be a sore, at first it just looked like dry skin or maybe a scab but now there's an oily substance to it. I'm not sure if it's infected or not. Not quite sure what to do. Please help. Thank you for your time.

    Hi Jessica,
    My recommendation is to make an appointment for a veterinarian to examine him. They may need to perform some testing to determine the cause of his skin issues. There can be many causes of itching in dogs including fleas, allergies, and infections to name a few. After a complete exam, the vet will be able to discuss with you the best path forward to heal his sore and stop his itching.  When something has been going on for this long it can be a longer process to heal. I recommend bringing your dog to the vet when you see the first signs of an issue to prevent further issues from developing.

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