• My dog evie is a boxer lab mix , she has on her like from arms in to her armpits hair loss and skin irritations and she now has some bumps. It’s also on her knee area. Along with near her privates. She’s also been rubbing her butt on the floor and licking her private often! I have my dog Ellie on a plan there, this other dog was my moms is now mine. I just want to know what you think and maybe get ahead on what kind of price I’m looking at going into this so I’m prepared.

    Hi Stephanie,
    Evie needs an exam by a veterinarian to determine the cause of her skin issues including the hair loss and bumps. The doctor may suggest some diagnostics to look for parasites, allergy, or infection. Once the cause is determined then the best of course of treatment can be determined. Since Evie is already on a plan you are familiar with the hospital and how things work. I recommend making an appointment for Evie and then discussing all your concerns and Evie history with the veterinarian. They can make a treatment plan and then discuss what works best for your and Evie so you will know the price ahead of time.

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