• My Chihuahua that is 12 years old now recently she's been developing dry skin and small bumps that look like acne. on those spots, she has severe shedding like 10 hairs that would fall out at once.. I have met with vet and they said unless acne like bumps dont grow like tumor sizes i should not worry. But did not get answer on why its causing this or what i can do to prevent this. Is it because my dog is 12 years old?

    Hi Jane,

    If these spots have worsened or spread I recommend that you take her back into see your vet. Spots like you are describing can be caused by many different things including allergies, skin mites, fleas, food allergies, infection, or an underlying metabolic issue like low thyroid levels. Your vet should be able to narrow down this list since they have seen the spots. Even if they have not spread it would be good for you to call your vet and ask again about the spots. They will be able to give you the best advice on the cause of the spots and what can be done to prevent or treat them as needed.

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