• My Cat Tigger Has Burning When Urination, before during and after, vET GAVE hIM bUPRENEX BUT STILL CRIES, IS THERE ANYTHING HERBAL THAT GETS RID OF THE BURNING AND PAIN THAT WORKS FAST, HERBAL OR Homeopathic or the other that starts with an A? I am still trying to get him to use the nosorb to take in to the vet but no luck as of yet! I know his bladder lining was thin 2 years ago, have tried glucosamine but need something QUICKER for his Inflamed Urinary tract to his ureter

    Hi Gale,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this question. There may be other medications that can be used but that will depend on his overall health and the medications that he is currently on. Your vet knows Tigger and his medical history so they can give you the best advice on this.

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