• My cat Noelle returned from Banfield hospital at Alliance to see DR. Heard due to have dental cleaning this afternoon, she was more groggy than usual after from her dental cleaning. I noticed that her right back leg is limping. This morning before I took her to Banfield hospital to have dental cleaning all her legs are fine. Please call me at 210 695 2054 Yuni MacDonald

    Hi Yuni,
    If you have not already, please call the hospital directly to make an appointment to have Noelle’s limping checked. There could be many causes of the limping after her dental procedure. She may have had her catheter in that leg which could make it tender, she may have received vaccines, or it may be from laying on that leg to name a few. Dr. Heard will be more familiar with Noelle and can help to determine the cause and if any therapy is indicated.

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