• A week ago my two-year-old cat started growling and meowing in her sleep during the night. I figure its nightmares but since it never happened before, it has me curious. She has also started sneezing a lot around the same time the growling/meowing started. We don't have our heater on at all. Can all this be related? Can cats get cold too?

    Cats and all warm blooded animals can get too cold. Both cold to the point that they are uncomfortable as well as even getting cold to the point that they are getting hypothermic or dangerously cold. Especially if she is used to a nice comfortably heated environment she might be more susceptible to colder weather now.

    In terms of the sounds she is making in her sleep, it is really difficult to say. It could be dreams like you are thinking or it could be due to her being uncomfortable – possibly due to cold, possibly due to dryer air, or possibly due to something else – maybe even an upper respiratory infection. I would suggest bringing her into your veterinarian’s office for a check-up, just to make sure there aren’t any significant problems going on.

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