• My cat has recently started peeing indoors, on the couch and any clothes left on the floor. I got rid of the old couch and got a new one, and she has stopped marking on the couch. She still occasionally pees on the floor in the bathroom, and she loves to jump up on the shelves and pee on the towels. What could be the problem? This is a recent thing, it seems to happen once and then not again for a week or two.

    Urinating outside of the litter box can be caused by a few different things. There can be an underlying medical cause or it can be strictly a behavioral issue.

    I recommend that you take your cat into see her veterinarian. They can perform some tests to make sure that there is no underlying medical cause, and treatment will depend on whether or not there is an underlying medical issue. You veterinarian can recommend the treatment that will be best for her.

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