• My cat has had looser stool than usual in the last couple of days. I just recently started giving her dental treats could that be why? I also got a couple of plants (a palm) which I know isn’t poisonous to cats but maybe she’s getting into the dirt? I make sure to keep them out of her reach when I’m not around. Otherwise she’s super active and seems healthy.

    Hi Mais,
    If the loose stool has continued, I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. Diarrhea or loose stool that lasts longer than 24 hours is concerning. There can be a few different causes for this including intestinal parasites, infection, inflammation of the GI tract, or an underlying medical issue. The new dental treats can be a factor in this as well. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of the loose stool and the treatment that she needs after they have examined her.

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