• My 16 y.o. Cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He is currently on methimazole tablets. He has lost a lot of weight and is barely 8 lbs. I am looking for a good dry and canned food for him. I also have 4 other cats and two of them are obese so they are fed separately on weight loss food. I have read that the Hills Y/D is NOT a good food for him to be on. I also have read the following: Hyperthyroidism cats need diets, that contain little to no soy, fruits, vegetables, or grains. Yikes! What do I do? He needs to gain weight, and he is always hungry. But I cannot feed him canned all day, so I need dry food while I am at work. Can you recommend foods please???

    Hi Jennifer,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. The food that will be best for your pet will depend on a few different factors including your pet’s age, breed, size, and overall health. Your vet knows your pet and they can give you the best recommendation on the food that will be best for your pet. If you do switch the foods, remember to change the food type slowly over at least a week to help prevent and GI issues from the food change.

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