• littleman is very active and I cant sleep all-night he is up and into everything that isn't nailed down I have had to move things around..also he jumps up on us at night and scratches us I cant do anything he sleeps during day and up all night any suggestions

    Hi Carol,
    There can be a few different causes for this behavior and one thing that can potentially help is to enrich his overall environment. This includes making sure that he has some mental stimulation during the day. This can included a cat condo or some other structure where he can climb  to sleep or play. It can also include interactive toys or food puzzles. Also, playing with him every night prior to bedtime can help steer this behavior into a more appropriate time. If these suggestions do not work or if he becomes aggressive, I recommend that you take him into see your vet. They can work with you on a behavior modification plan that is specific to your pet.

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