• Can you give dogs bones? What if it is a cooked beef bone? It is large - about 2 inches in diameter. I am not sure about which bones splinter and may cause damage.
  • My dog has been puking at least once a day for the last five days. Other than her coughing and vomiting she is acting normal. What should I do?
  • A large dog ran at my puppy and hurt his leg to the point that he couldn't walk on it for a few days. When we took him to another veterinary hospital, they did an x-ray and said he dislocated his knee, that it happens a lot in little dogs, and that the only way to fix it would be surgery. Is that the only way?
  • Can dogs have over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil, Motrin, Anacin or baby Aspirin? How much?
  • I adopted a pair of female puppies, 3 months of age, yesterday from a PetsMart adoption event. Both were already spayed and still had their stitches. My wife noticed that one of the puppies' stitches are weeping a clear fluid with traces of blood. Is this normal? What should we look for that would be of true concern? Also, both puppies are very shy and guarded when indoors with us, but when let out in the backyard they are perky, excited and seem more at ease. Will this change? We would like the dogs to be indoor/outdoor dogs and hope to have them be less afraid of us and more social. Thoughts or ideas?
  • Can you please tell me what your protocol and procedures are for anesthesia? My cat has an appointment on Thursday for a teeth cleaning, but I am very worried about the anesthesia. She is the sweetest cat but at the vet's office she gets scared and hisses a lot! The hospital told me they will first give her a shot for an extra charge and then give her anesthesia so all of this worries me.
  • He has had diarrhea for a couple of weeks. I took him to Banfield last week, and they gave me some medicine to put in his food and some probiotics to give him. Although he seems a little better, he is still not okay. He still has diarrhea and does not seem interested in his dog food, although he is hungry. He will eat some rice and meat and eggs, but he seems to not interested in the way it smells. He also does not want to eat out of a bowl which makes me think maybe his teeth are bothering him. I have even tried some Pepto-Bismol and that does not seem to be working either. I plan on taking him back to the vet but was hoping you could give me some advice. Is there something else I can try?
  • Why is my cat pulling her hair out?
  • Our dog has one ear that's red and irritated, as opposed to the normal pink. Will saline drops help the issue, or will she need antibiotics?
  • Our dog Rocky seems to have allergies to the change of weather. His eyes tear and also he sneezes more than usual. Can I give him allergy over-the-counter meds? Also, Rocky seems to have separation disorder. He continues to urinate in the house even right after he goes for a walk or in the back yard after I leave the home. He lost his brother a year ago and ever since he does not like other dogs. This is very hard on him, is there anything I can do to help him? I have continued to walk him but now I do not trust him around any dogs as he will sometimes bite. Help!
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