• My Aussie, Sadie has severe storm anxiety and nothing is helping. We've tried removing her to the laundry room with a radio, Thunder Shirt, CBD oil, Hemp chews, essential oils, calming collars, Melatonin, Acepromazine and Benadryl. What else can we try? She gets so upset she runs, jumps and barks non stop during a storm.
  • my chihuahua puppy is a fussy eater
  • My dog was bit by a dog about the same size in near the right back paw near his toenails and on his leg. The cut does not look deep but my dog is limping and whimpering. Not sure if he needs stitches or not.
  • My 8 week old puppy is acting more aggressive with biting and scratching after leaving her home alone a few times this week. She only wags her tail when I come back but for the past two days, she is acting like a stray dog! Her tail has been curled up in the air too. Maybe she feels like she has to fend for herself but someone comes home to check on her, we make sure she eats and I leave toys out. Plus, she is t left alone a super long time...what does this mean? How can I get her to relax? My aunt think the loneliness may cause mental issues, is that true?
  • Lulu has been on Comfortis but I looked into Capstone. They do not seem very different but there is a huge price difference. Can you please tell me if Capstone would be a good option for Lulu? Thank you.
  • He is scooting butt on the floor. And licking everything alot. Why?
  • Hello, My dog has been taking Prednisone 20mg for over 2 weeks now. For the past 14 days she has been waking up every hour if the night and barking uncontrollably for food eventhough she is being fed the same since she began the pills. I cannot sleep at night and I have tried everything to help her sleep. I’m convinced it’s the medication making her restless. The vet told me they can’t do anything about it. That’s hard to believe. Can I give her a prescribed sedative to help her sleep until she’s off the pill?
  • I believe my puppy Wonder who is 5 months has environmental allergies. She scratches a lot after walks and i notice her eyes being a little red with a runny nose.Is there anything i can give her.
  • We have a new Schnoodle at home. She is about 13 weeks old. Since we took her home 3 weeks ago, she eats grass, dandilions, and her own poop. Is she missing something in her diet? Currently she is Blue wilderness puppy canned food 2 times daily and then she has dry food (Natures Variety Instinct) always out in a bowl. She always has water, bones and other toes to play with.
  • My car cut his toe and it stared to bleed. It seems to have stopped and he is acting normal. Is there anything I should do? Can I use peroxide on his toe?
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